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“I had such a wonderful and enlightening experience with Clare. She has so much knowledge to impart and they are all practical and it works! I am glad I sought her help as my health has improved significantly. Thank you Clare and keep up the good work!”

Stay at home Mum, Bermuda

"I think that going to Life and Thrive for an initial consultation was the first step in a huge transformation to take care of myself and my health. Clare is very helpful, knowledgeable and easy to talk to about making healthier choices for not just myself but my partner also. I’m very excited for the goals that Clare has helped me to achieve in just a month ..."

Underwriting Assistant, Bermuda

"I have begun to lose weight - something that I haven't been able to do in the past. The best thing is that it hasn't been difficult and I really haven't been focusing on the scales at all. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Life and Thrive to others".

Police Officer, Bermuda


100% of previous participants have said that they would recommend the course to others

"Excellent course, very informative. I wish I'd have done it before".

Stay at home Mom, Bermuda

"Very useful, easy to understand and practical tips to implement change into my life".

Financial Analyst, Bermuda

"This course motivated me to make positive changes".

Accountant, Bermuda