Fertility Beach Side Retreat for Couples

Our comfortable beach-side cottage is the perfect place to rest and relax away from your everyday life. Come down to Bermuda to get some perspective and learn how to maximize your fertility.

We have three packages - Relaxed Fertility package, Healthily Fertile and Fertility detox. Each package emphazises the highest quality produce and lowest toxicity.

Relaxed Fertility package - includes organic wine on arrival, delicious, high quality food

Healthily Fertile package - Smoothies for breakfast, Green juices and healthy nutrient dense foods

Fertility detox - an entirely 3 day juice cleanse with organic (where available) produce


the package

Our maximizing your fertility package includes:

  • 3 nights in our lovely fertility beach side cottage

  • Breakfast and Lunch each day with emphasis on organic and fertility enhancing foods

  • Guidance on the best dinner locations for organic, great quality food

  • A minimum of 3 Fertility coaching session - 1 as a couple and 1 each individually

  • A choice of activities from: Surfing lesson, Yoga on the beach, Massage, Jungle and Cave tour

  • Use of Kayak throughout your stay

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Fertility Beach-side cottage

The cottage is a lovely, relaxing environment to reconnect as a couple and take some time out to assess where you are on your fertility journey. Give yourself the time you need to rest and reconnect with each other in this beautiful location supported by expert guidance to assist you on your fertility journey.

Comfortable lower 1 bed-roomed apartment that opens onto the beach.

Separate Bedroom, Living room and Kitchenette

We emphasize minimal toxicity in all ways - this includes - entirely natural cleaning products, low EMF exposure (wifi turned off between 10pm and 6am each night).

The Fertility coach

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