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stress - Events Outside Our Control

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Stress seems to affect all of us these days. It seems to be everywhere - from our recent hurricane and storm in Bermuda, to financial concerns, worrying about our children, about our health ... it really does seem to come from all angles.

When we feel stressed due to events that are external and entirely out of our control. It really does help to remember the famous quote (from Reinhold Niebuhr):

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

If we can really live by the above quote, what we end up with is an entire release of responsibility for things that we can’t control, a pure surrender. A surrender to life on life’s terms. If you can imagine really living this way, what it brings with it is pure joy. There’s nothing to do. Acceptance of life as it is right now, in this moment. THEN you have the peace and space to begin to change the things that you can change, either now or in the future.

If this way of thinking is not in your current life, you would be really surprised how much more peace, energy, happiness, compassion and joy you have in your life without a busy mind.

… that is, a busy mind that is stressed about the things it can’t control ... think about it, your poor busy mind that is stressing about things that it can’t do anything about anyway, there is no where for it to go from there … except …. and either quickly or after much, much time … it surrenders, releases … and that’s when the peace comes.

When I talk about things that we can’t control I mean all things that we can not control in this moment. You may have made what you deem to be bad decisions in the past that have led you to this point, but real, positive change will only come when you accept the moment as it is, accept what has happened and have compassion for yourself and - from that place - make some new decisions and take some new actions.

Building your physical body up, your central nervous system, for stressful events and times is also so very useful. You can calm and strengthen your central nervous system by eating whole, natural foods, minimizing sugar, gluten and anything that causes your stomach to feel ‘off’. We know so much now about how the ‘gut’ sends signals to the brain to feel either calm or to feel agitated. If you can calm your gut by looking after yourself, physically, your ability to handle internal or external stresses really is so much easier. See also this previous article I wrote titled ‘Stress - The effect on our body and physical changes we can make to feel better’.

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