Here at Life & Thrive we’re in summer mode! Even though we still have a schedule and things we need to achieve, the summer time feels more relaxed, like holiday time, less urgency to ‘do’ and more desire to simply ‘be’. This months newsletter is a collection of thoughts about nature and nudges us to contemplate why so many of us may not be feeling our best.

For the last two mornings I’ve started my day at 5.30am, going barefoot outside, catching up on my emails while watching the sunrise. It has felt amazing, like I’ve been part of bringing the new day in, getting a head start on life. It has started my days so peacefully, even magically. I’ve been ‘doing’ but I’ve been feeling like I’m simply ‘being’. Here are some thoughts on nature (that have science to back them up), I hope you enjoy …

Nature was here before all man made technology


Nature reduces stress, anger and fear

Nature reduces anxiety and depression

Nature increases our capacity for focus, attention and creativity

Nature enables us to better connect with other people

Nature brings peace of mind and happiness


Nature brings health

Nature provides us with all the food we need

Nature provides us with hydration

Nature reduces inflammation

Nature gives us vitamin D

Nature created every one of us


Nature gives us fresh air to breath

Nature detoxes

Nature encourages us to move our bodies

Nature provides medicine to heal

Nature gives us our natural waking and sleeping cycles


Nature is free

Perhaps the answers to our ‘problems’ (depression, fertility issues, weight gain, problems sleeping, unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, inflammation, illness, autoimmune conditions, skin issues, lack of connection) lie in taking more time for, finding new ways to embrace and incorporating more of nature in every single aspect of our daily lives?

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clare pemberton