Eating well is a habit

August 2019 - Eating well is a habit quote.jpg

As we’re in the middle of holiday season I thought this months newsletter would be very short and sweet. A short and sweet quote to be precise.

Habits can help us or hinder us on our path.

Our brains are neuroplastic and this means that we can literally mold our brains to think, do and be a certain way … out of habit. When I wake up in the morning I automatically brush my teeth, I feel really out of sorts if I don’t do this - that is a habit that has been ingrained (molded) into my brain over many years. Equally, I have recently broken a habit of craving dark chocolate when I finish lunch each day. This habit also was ingrained (molded) into my brain over many months. Both of these habits took time and energy to become molded into habit in my brain and breaking them would (and did) take time and energy. One is, what I consider to be, a great, positive habit - brushing my teeth each day without too much conscious thought and one is not such a positive habit for me - craving dark chocolate every day after lunch. Both make me feel out of sorts if I don’t do them.

Follow a simple process that we teach at Life & Thrive and you can mold anything into (or out of) habit in your brain. Once something - good hopefully - is a habit for your brain, you no longer have to use willpower, memory or conscious thought to carry out that habit. Decide you want to break a habit, use the powers of neuroplasticity to take that habit out of your conscious thoughts too.

Enjoy the hot, summer weather and give us a shout if we can help you to instill some healthy habits into your life and maybe even break a few unhealthy ones too.

‘Eating well is a habit. Cultivate it.’

clare pemberton