Sleeping enough

My friend, you are going to need to find the space in your life to get enough sleep. Arianna Huffington famously made the comment that we should ‘sleep our way to the top’. This is obviously not said in the more traditional way. What Adrianna Huffington knows is that none of us will ever be our best if we don’t get enough great quality sleep.

Getting enough sleep is a prerequisite to living your best life, to making your best decisions, to being the most efficient, the most successful, the happiest, kindest person. To being the best parent, friend, lover, daughter, son. None of this is consistently possible without enough good quality sleep.

More and more of us are not getting enough sleep. More and more of us feel like we’re coming up short in many areas of our life.

So how do we make this better? There are the usual tricks and tools that we hear – ask for help, set boundaries, drink less caffeine, have great sleeping habits – and yes, these things are good and are often necessary. But perhaps, at the core, not sleeping enough comes down to thinking that we can ‘have it all’.

Perhaps, at it’s core, taking time to sleep enough is admitting that you can’t do everything in one day, one week or even one year. You must look after your basic human needs to have a stable base to build your dreams on. Perhaps this means accepting less money, accepting that a promotion won’t make you happier, prioritizing your health and loved ones above all else … coming back to your basic priorities. Sometimes simply sending the question out to a higher power or being still for a while will help you to realize your priorities in life. Perhaps some of your ambitions in life are built out of fear or lack rather than from the core of who you really are inside.

If we focus on our dreams without taking care of our basic human needs for sleep, health and love I think we can all guarantee that we won’t reach the end of our lives feeling that all of the years have been a success. Maybe a better way is to ‘begin with the end in mind’ as Stephen Covey suggests in ‘The 7 habits of highly successful people’. At the end of your life what would make you feel like all of the years have been a huge success? Take some time out to ponder this question and begin to build your life around the answer. I think we’ll all have a much better chance of happiness and fulfillment if we do.

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