Our newsletters this year are focused on the key discoveries, advances and information in the health arena. The aim is to keep each newsletter to a paragraph to help you become better aware of the leading edge information that can improve your health and happiness. After reading you can choose to 1. Do nothing more (which is absolutely fine), 2. Research further yourself or 3. Reach out to Life and Thrive to become a member for the additional guidance, support and focus ... ok, so that's the introduction, now onto the paragraph ....

Being consistent over time with any health goals really is the key to ultimate success. You know the hare and the tortoise story? No matter how slowly you move forward you can win if you truly commit and keep going. Some things that you may like to ponder and set into motion are the following:

1.     Take some time to really think about your core purpose for becoming healthier or to lose weight. Perhaps looking and feeling good is part of it but perhaps, at it’s core, your goal is to ensure that you are as healthy as possible to see your future grandchildren grow up. Or because you want to avoid the complications of a future illness that you’ve seen your parents suffer through. Or that you want to be the absolute best version of yourself that you can be. Give this some time to really ponder. Bonus points if you write your purpose down and carry it with you!

2.     Studies show that your brain does not know the difference between imagining something and it actually happening in real life. Therefore, visualize your success - regularly – as you go to bed at night, when you daydream during the day – visualize your success and live in the wonderful feelings of that visualization as if you have already achieved it. New neural pathways in your brain are being created every time you perform this activity and these neural pathways are helping you achieve your goals and becoming this new version of yourself.

3.     Make a plan for all eventualities – how will you deal with eating when you’re at a restaurant, how will you continue to exercise when you have guests staying or when you get busy at work? Plan your success.

4.     Monitor your communication with yourself – notice how you talk to yourself or think as your life moves along. Do you wake up in the morning thinking ‘I’ll never achieve this as I never have before’ or do you think ‘I can do this, I trust myself and I am a success in whatever I set my mind to’. Your brain wants to make you happy and will do whatever you tell it to. Continuously telling it that you will likely fail is not setting yourself up for the best chances of success.

5.     Energy flows where attention goes – ensure you are focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want. This goes hand in hand with some of the points above. Focus on how it will feel to be a success and what you want to achieve – ‘I will be in optimal health’ rather than what you don’t want to achieve – ‘I will not be unhealthy’. In the latter example your focus is still on ‘unhealthy’ on the former example your focus is on ‘optimal health’. Becoming a client of Life and Thrive focuses your energy on your goals in a targeted way.

6.     And finally, except that life does ebb and flow. Success comes in staggered steps and not in a linear line. Make peace with this and enjoy the energy and waves of life while keeping your eyes focused on the ultimate goal.

Please remember that, if you need support, guidance, recipe ideas or assistance making healthy changes for yourself and your family that we are here to help. The work we do at Life and Thrive does not take away from your life but enhances it and makes you feel great !

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