High Fat and Low Carb


High good quality Fat and low Carbohydrate way of eating

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Low ‘carb’ or ‘Keto’ diets seem to be all the rage right now. In fact ‘Ketogenic diet’ was the most googled diet in 2018. But, if you delve into the research it’s clear to see that a lot of it (not all) is backed by science and it really isn’t a fad diet at all. It really is here to stay – in one form or another. Please see our newsletter from Sep 2018 ‘Why healthy fat does not make you fat’ for more of the science. We can see that by eating carbohydrates (bread, pasta, sugar, fruit, rice, beans, processed food) our blood sugar rises. This rise in blood sugar level is toxic to our body and therefore the pancreas releases insulin which brings our blood sugar level down. If we fuel ourselves predominantly with carbs (like most people do) we cause our pancreas to constantly release insulin and overtime our pancreas gets tired and ‘resistant’ to the sugar in the blood. Our blood sugar level stays higher for longer causing a cascade of damaging effects to our body. Conversely, by eating a low carb diet and fuelling your body by good quality fats (Avocados, Olive oil, Small oily fish, Eggs, Nuts and Seeds) not only is this way of eating hugely anti-inflammatory (and we all need lots of anything that reduces inflammation right now) but fat does not cause a rise in blood sugar. Overtime your pancreas gets a rest, a little holiday, and it comes back far more sensitive to any sugar that you do consume. It releases insulin far more efficiently and quickly and therefore your blood sugar levels reduce overtime. There are so many benefits to eating this way, a few of the very real benefits are: it’s an anti-inflammatory way of eating (if you have any aches or pain they will literally reduce in severity), hunger is reduced, it’s far easier to lose excess weight, you have more energy to go about your day, your brain will be more focused and able to think more clearly, your moods will be far more even and you will be healthier at a cellular level (this is real health, deep down). I feel like getting a t-shirt made stating that ‘everyone should try being in ketosis at least once in their life to see how good they can feel’. Being in ketosis is the term used when your body is using ketones (the by-product of burning fat) for energy rather than glucose (Sugar and carbohydrates). At Life & Thrive we’ve guided many of our clients into a higher good quality fat and lower carbohydrate way of eating to reap all of these benefits and more. If you would like support and practical ‘on the ground’ advice please reach out to see how we can help you reach your goals.

Please remember that, if you need support, guidance, recipe ideas or assistance making healthy changes for yourself and your family that we are here to help. The work we do at Life and Thrive does not take away from your life but enhances it and makes you feel great !

At Life & Thrive we can help you to gain better health by guiding and supporting you, we can test your heavy metal, vitamin and mineral levels via our simple, non-invasive hair analysis and we can also test your gut health, hormone levels and more via specialized Genova diagnostic testing. For the hair analysis we use hair on your head, or elsewhere on your body if hair on the head is not available. We work with an excellent lab in the UK to provide this test locally for our clients. This test is suitable for both adults and children as it is entirely painless and non-invasive.

At Life & Thrive we have a nutritionist with extensive heavy metal experience and an Integrative and Functional medical doctor as part of our practice to help ensure any changes you make to your health or any detox you do is carried out as safely and effectively as possible.
Email us here or telephone us on 705 3727 if you would like to make an appointment for an initial consultation to see how we can practically help you to build a healthier, happier life.

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