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Life & Thrive's Four Point Framework

At Life & Thrive we use a Four Point Framework (see diagram) to enable us to guide you to maximum health. Having a framework such as this ensures that these key areas that equally form the basis of health and happiness are given the attention they deserve. If one of these areas is out of balance it's hard for optimal health to exist.

Each one of these areas is crucially important.

It is usually obvious where we should begin for each client but, in time, we will address all of the four areas to ensure they are balanced. No one area needs to be addressed first, certain elements of a healthy life such as sleep or pesticide free food can fall into more than one category - Sleep helps with calming down your nervous system AND with reducing your heavy metal and toxic burden (as sleep is one of the key ways our body detoxes). Pesticide free food has been shown to contain more vital nutrients than it's conventional counterpart (a 2016 study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that organic meat and milk products had 50% more Omega 3 fatty acids than conventional meat and milk) AS WELL as helping to reduce your heavy metal and toxic burden. Omega 3 fatty acids affect every one of your trillion cells playing a crucial role in immune strength, brain health (think mental health too) and heart disease.

Let's take a quick look at each area from the diagram:

Calm down your whole nervous system
When your nervous system in under chronic (long term) stress or has high levels of inflammation this will almost certainly lead to damage and premature aging of your body. So often now you hear people saying 'I'm just stressed' or something similar ... as if being stressed is a minor problem. But contrary to being a minor problem a chronically stressed body not only means the individuals mental health will suffer ... it's close to impossible to be really happy when you are constantly stressed … but your body won't absorb as many nutrients and your body will simply not heal as well as a calm body. Chronic inflammation is far more common in today’s world than it used to be. As individuals we can chose to put our health back into balance (perhaps with some outside support) … it really is a choice when it comes to stress and inflammation.

Flood your body with nutrients
As human's we need many different forms of macro nutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to thrive. Much of today's modern diet is chronically void of many of the micro nutrients that we need to truly thrive. Processed foods contain very little vitamins and minerals, soil has been depleted of many minerals due to widespread use of pesticides. Many people are eating far too many carbohydrates and far too little healthy fats. Depletion of these vital building blocks to health are so common in today's world. At Life and Thrive, we work WITH YOU to guide you towards eating a healthier, enjoyable range of whole foods that really will leave you feeling so much better, happier and energetic.

Reduce your heavy metal and toxic burden
We are passionate about the reduction of both heavy metals and toxins. Heavy metals are particularly aggressive toxins and can be such a slowly progressing detriment to your health that sometimes it's easy not to notice how bad you're feeling. That is - until you begin to address them and realise how good you really should feel ! We assist you to reduce your burden by testing the cells of your body for heavy metals, guiding you to reduce the amount of heavy metals and toxins coming into your body via food, cleaning products and cosmetics to name a few sources and by enhancing your body's natural detox mechanism's by helping you to, among other things, get better sleep and reduce stress.

Rethink your thoughts to redirect your energy
At Life and Thrive we talk to our clients about the nature of the mind and teach the basic principles of the way the brain works. The brain is an amazing organ. We now know, through the emerging science of neuroplasticity, that we, as individuals, have the power to rewire and remold our own brains. Our own personal thoughts and behaviors are the tools that we use to do this. This means that if someone is, for example, continuously falling back into the patterns of eating badly they have the power to change these conditions based on their thoughts. If someone wants to succeed in a business meeting, a sporting event or on a new health regime they can use the power of their thoughts and emotions to begin to rewire their brain to more easily succeed AHEAD of the physical event. This goes way beyond positive thinking and is actually the science of reprogramming your brain. This is a fascinating area and changes people's lives relatively quickly.

At Life & Thrive we can test your heavy metal, vitamin and mineral levels via our simple, non-invasive hair analysis and we can also test your gut health, hormone levels and more via specialized Genova diagnostic testing.

We have a nutritionist with extensive heavy metal experience and an Integrative and Functional medical doctor as part of our practice to help ensure any detox you do or changes you make to your health are carried out as safely and effectively as possible.
Email us here or telephone us on 705 3727 if you would like to make an appointment for an initial consultation to see how we can practically help you to build a healthier, happier life.

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