Heavy metals and other toxins

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Heavy metals and other toxins – could these be the root of your health issues?

 An article written for the November issue of the Bermuda Health Magazine

By Clare Pemberton, Life & Thrive

Toxins and our body’s ability to detox properly

The human body is constantly detoxing. We detox when we sleep, rest, eat nutritious food and excrete. We detox when we sweat and one of our best, but little known, methods of detoxing is good, deep breath.

The body is perfectly able to detox a normal amount of toxins, but the question is – what is a normal amount?

In recent years our toxic burden has been increasing. From the food that we eat that is often covered in pesticides and herbicides, to the products we put on and clean our skin with, to the air that we breath, to many vaccinations we give our children. Toxins are everywhere.

Add to this the fact that so many of us are unable to detox as well as we should due to poor sleep, stressed environments, inflamed bodies and poor nutrition and we can see what a ticking time bomb this situation is for so many.

A quick look around Bermuda and the world shows us that – on average – people are getting bigger, sicker and less happy than they were even 10 years ago.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals are some of the most severe toxins in our environment and some of the more common heavy metals that can take a toll on our health are: Lead, Mercury, Aluminum and Arsenic.

Accumulating heavy metals and other toxins

There has been better public awareness and more legal restrictions on the use of some of these substances in recent years. Despite these improvements, unless you’re very careful, heavy metals are likely to be a big part of your life. Mercury is found in metal amalgam tooth fillings and – usually larger – fish. Aluminum is often found in our antiperspirants, pots, pans, baking trays, vaccinations and antacids. Arsenic is found in conventionally raised (non-organic) chicken and in high concentrations in a lot of rice. The chemicals BPA and BPS are often found in plastics. Sugar is also toxic in the quantities that many of us eat and feed our children daily.

Common symptoms of a toxic body

Heavy metals are neuro toxic which means that they accumulate in the brain. Common symptoms of heavy metal and other types of toxicity are digestive problems, brain fog, constant lack of energy, fertility problems, hormonal imbalances, thyroid imbalances, muscle twitching and difficulty losing weight to name a few. Heavy metals have even been tied to Alzheimer’s, Autism, heart disease and diabetes.

Clearing these toxins from our bodies

Some things that we can do to help support our body to clear these toxins are:

-        Reducing our exposure as much as we can by researching alternatives to common cleaning products for our homes, eating organic foods wherever possible and using glass, stainless steel and ceramics in our kitchens instead of plastic

-        Sleeping well, managing stress and taking adequate time out of your busy schedule to rest

-        Eating 80% of your diet from good, whole foods including lots of good quality healthy fats (avocados, small wild caught oily fish, good quality olive oil and nuts and seeds). Less - liquid at room temperature - cooking oils, less fried and processed foods and more bitter foods (arugula, radishes, ginger and garlic)

-        Eating less food and having longer gaps between eating

-        Making sure you’re having regular bowel movements (once a day minimum)

-        Moving more and sitting less

It is perfectly possible to make incremental changes to your diet, lifestyle and environment to drastically reduce your toxic burden. This will make you feel more alive, happier and reduce your chances of getting some of the major diseases. Consider investing the time in yourself and your family to live your best life and to truly thrive. If you are finding this overwhelming or are finding change difficult please consider reaching out to a health professional who can support you in your efforts.

Clare Pemberton, Health Director, Life & Thrive. Clare can be contacted via clare@lifeandthrive.com or on Tel: 705 3727.

Please remember that, if you need support, guidance, recipe ideas or assistance making healthy changes for yourself and your family that we are here to help. The work we do at Life and Thrive does not take away from your life but enhances it and makes you feel great !

At Life & Thrive the Heavy Metals that we test for are Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium.

At Life & Thrive we can help you to gain better health by guiding and supporting you, we can test your heavy metal, vitamin and mineral levels via our simple, non-invasive hair analysis and we can also test your gut health, hormone levels and more via specialized Genova diagnostic testing. For the hair analysis we use hair on your head, or elsewhere on your body if hair on the head is not available. We work with an excellent lab in the UK to provide this test locally for our clients. This test is suitable for both adults and children as it is entirely painless and non-invasive.

At Life & Thrive we have a nutritionist with extensive heavy metal experience and guidance from an Integrative and Functional medical doctor as part of our practice to help ensure any changes you make to your health or any detox you do is carried out as safely and effectively as possible.
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