Lead and the Accumulation Within Your Body

Where do we find Lead? – Though Lead has been banned in most countries, it is still found within our soil and water today as it does not easily break down. Lead can enter our homes (to later become dust we breathe in) on the soles of our shoes. Lead passes through the placenta easily (as do all heavy metals) therefore the key way for children to accumulate Lead is from their mother during pregnancy. If you have not cleared this Lead you may still be carrying this from childhood.

What does Lead do to our health and body? – The more Lead you have in your body, the higher your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Lead may also be linked to Cancer, Brain Damage, Kidney Failure, ADHD, Autism, Lowered IQ, Behavioral problems in Children and Infertility. Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of high levels of Lead.

What can we do to clear Lead from our bodies?
The easiest way to avoid accumulating more Lead in our bodies is to take your shoes off before entering your home (this ultimately reduces the lead in the dust that you and your family eventually breath in). Vegetables that contain sulfur (for example garlic and onions) and High level Vitamin C supplements can assist in the detoxification of Lead.

Ensuring your vitamin and mineral levels (especially Selenium and Zinc) are at optimum levels can help to clear these heavy metals from your system. Chelation Therapy can also be used If high levels of Lead are found within your system - certain substances and foods are ingested that we know bind to certain heavy metals and take them out of the body safely.

How will you feel once the Lead begins to clear from your system?
Most people feel so much better once their body is cleared of Lead. People feel greater energy, they sleep better, headaches subside, they can think more clearly, they have less depression and generally have an elevated mood.

Reducing the levels of Lead in your body can also have a positive effect on your fertility. This is true for both men and women.

At Life & Thrive one of the Heavy Metals we test for is Lead. 
We can test your heavy metal, vitamin and mineral levels via our simple, non-invasive hair analysis. We use hair on your head or elsewhere on your body if hair on the head is not available. This test is suitable for both adults and children as it is entirely painless and non-invasive.
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