Our journey together

All of our tests are non-invasive. Tests carried out by your medical doctor are likely to be via blood test.

The Vitamin, Mineral and Heavy Metal hair analysis is provided via Biolab Medical Unit in the UK. Our Nutritionist, Lucy Patterson DipION FdSc mBANT CNHC analyses the results and gives you your personal detailed report and supplement recommendations.

Additional testing is carried out via Genova Diagnostics in the USA as well as via your medical doctor. Urine and Stool tests (via Genova) can show the makeup of the microbiome (what’s going on in your stomach) and hormone levels. Blood tests (via your medical doctor) can show your vitamin D levels, Thyroid function and Blood Glucose levels.

Clare Pemberton BA (hons) IIN then works with you to permanently implement any recommended changes into your (and your family’s) life.




Services Pricing - In person and via skype and telephone

  • Initial one to one consultation

    • $45

  • Hair analysis testing - Heavy Metal, Vitamin & Mineral makeup of your body (includes sample taking, nutritionists report & consultation to discuss next steps)

    •  $375.00

  • Vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations and ordering service (UK brands)

    • Various

  • 3 month one to one individual program

    • $349.00 per month

  • 3 month couples program - first and last session as a couple. All other sessions individually

    • $299.00 per month (per person)

  • Informal session and support for those that have recently lost a baby at any stage of pregnancy or after birth

    • No Charge

Note: Gift Cards are available to help support your loved ones

Make an appointment using the 'we can help' link above or telephone number below to see Clare in our office in Hamilton, Bermuda or via skype or telephone.

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to bring you the latest leading edge information and provide you with the support you need to make the changes you and your family need in your life to truly thrive