Creating a Thriving Family

The Life and Thrive program, for families, is individual and specific to your family as it meets you wherever you are right now.

The Life and Thrive program for families: 

  • Focuses on the WHOLE FAMILY though, more often than not, the catalyst for change comes from one person and that is a great place to start
  • Is about ADDING not taking away
  • Is about ENHANCING your life, not about deprivation
  • Is about small PERMANENT changes that build on one another
  • STRENGTHENS the physical body, CALMS DOWN the mental body and taps into your INNER WISDOM
  • Is about QUALITY, no matter how much time and money you have
  • Is about keeping those things from the MODERN ENVIRONMENT that work and leaving those that don't

and at it's core the Life & Thrive program is a fun, positive program that will create a happier, healthier more balanced environment for you and your loved ones

Here at Life & Thrive every new action we implement together should:

  • Make you feel stronger & healthier
  • Work for your whole family
  • Enhance yours and your family’s life and make you feel great

While some new ideas do take a little commitment, nothing should be too hard, too much of an effort or make you feel anything but positive.

Anything that we implement that does not meet the above criteria needs to be rethought.

We are here to guide you to a happier way of life. A life in which you thrive.

Life is for living isn't it ? Life is for REALLY living as fully as possible. Life is certainly not for dragging ourselves through until the end. That is not only a waste of a great life but is a terrible, terrible lesson for our children to learn. We are role models and one lesson our children need to learn directly from us is how to live the best, healthiest life they possibly can, in whatever form that means to us and to them.

The Life and Thrive program, for families, is individual and specific to your family as it meets you wherever you are right now.

Please contact us here to see how we can help you with:

  • Stress
  • Lack of fulfillment
  • Brain Fog
  • Lack of energy / Adrenal fatigue
  • Children’s conditions such as ADHD / Asthma / Poor concentration
  • Diabetes – both childhood and adult
  • Allergies / Stomach pains
  • Dragging yourself through your life
  • Missing out or missing the point of life
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of time outside and / or exercise
  • Eating well for pure enjoyment and to feed your body what it craves
  • Heart burn / Indigestion
  • Simply not living life to the full'


You will either step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety
— Maslow

Caveat: We are not medical doctors and do not take the place of your medical doctor BUT we can work with your medical doctor and can GREATLY ENHANCE what they do. 

Life & Thrive Articles

What we do


We work through the following methods:

  • Detailed hair analysis, via the UK, for you and your whole family to assess your current state of wellness and any imbalances you may have

Lucy Patterson DipION FdSc mBANT CNHC is a highly qualified and respected nutritionist in the UK that has been testing, analyzing and redressing the nutritional and heavy metal levels of families for years

  • 6 month health coaching program for you or your whole family. To not only advise you on current health guidance but to work with you to ensure any changes are not only implemented into your life but are done so in a permanent way and in a way that makes you feel great

Clare Pemberton BA (Hons) IIN is a qualified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and is well trained in all aspects of health and well-being. This includes healthy lifestyle needs including sleep, stress levels, activity and mental well-being as well as physical dietary needs. These are all things that we now know contribute to overall health and happiness.

It is nothing short of miraculous how STRESS can be reduced my redressing a magnesium balance. CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOUR can be improved by reducing heavy metals or improving nutrition. CHRONIC FATIGUE and children’s IMMUNE SYSTEMS can be strengthened by getting more sunshine (vitamin D) directly onto the skin. Lack of SLEEP can be rectified by less caffeine, a better bedtime schedule, a more balanced diet or more movement and AGING PARENTS quality of life can be dramatically improved by dietary and lifestyle improvements.

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to bring you the latest leading edge information and provide you with the support you need to make the changes you and your family need in your life to truly thrive